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Mod note: As someone who experienced this himself while in IP, it is helpful to question why you are being separated, and voice your feelings. It’s better to be heard, and get the support you may need from fellow patients. Just because you are a different gender than the majority of other patients does not mean you are a threat, wrong, or invalid. 

While treatment for male and female ED’s differ in some places, as there are some differences in the causes, there are still similarities and having the support of fellow sufferers can be very beneficial. Reminding your team of this is okay, and seeking equal treatment is not a burden or wrong. Most likely, you will be treated the same by your fellow patients, and they may learn something that they can use to help themselves from your different perspective and experiences, and vice versa!

Ultimately, you are getting help for you, and getting the treatment you need is important and okay.

— Mod 7


Please help others who deal with Anxiety by sharing this video on your page. You never know who you might help. xoxox



a guide i’ve found very helpful and reassuring when i feel a panic attack coming on 

b/c idk who else needs this right now